Monday, August 15, 2016

Barista Series Volume 1: But First, Coffee

"But First, Coffee"

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MacKenzie at Chris' Coffee will fill your espresso cup with helpful facts and techniques to make the most of your espresso experience!

The first thing to consider when making your espresso is simply your coffee choice. Taste being individual you may prefer a light, medium, or dark roast coffee for your espresso. Buying from a reputable and recognized roaster (like Chris' Coffee of course!) will ensure you are getting the fresh coffee you need. Remember, however, to save the bubbles for your champagne! Too fresh a coffee with result in espresso with too much gas and bubbles and not the smooth, strong flavor of espresso.

The ultimate goal for your delicious espresso is to have the famous 3 layers (pictured above): the heart which is the very bottom of the espresso should typically be a deep brown color. The heart contains the bitterness that will provide a balance to the sweet crema. The middle layer is the body and is typically caramel brown in color. The top layer is the crema and is typically thin and foamy with a golden brown color. This top later holds the sweet flavor notes as it contains concentrated sugars and oils. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Andreja Premium Evo Review

Watch Mackenzie go over the features, and new changes made to the Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo heat exchanger espresso machine!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Custom Wood Panels for La Marzocco GS3!

Article Written By:
MacKenzie Nachtrieb

Our master craftsman, Ward of the Wood, decided to tackle the challenge of making La Marzocco panels for us. To his surprise they were even easier to build, and assemble, than the Spaziale panels! 

The quality of  these gorgeous wooden accents is second to none. 
They have a certain wow factor to them, that will have your friends and family left drooling in your kitchen. 

What sets ours apart from others is the fact that we not only offer a variety of wood to choose from, but we also attach the La Marzocco logo right on each panel so that recognizable brand name doesn't get overlooked in the beauty of the panels themselves.

We will be offering these panels in Walnut, Mahogany, Cherry & Sapele!



Monday, October 19, 2015

Getting to the Bottom of Bottomless Portafilters

Article Written by:
MacKenzie Nachtrieb

When it comes to making espresso the only thing that really matters is that your drinks taste good, right? Yes. However, like any hobby enthusiast this one comes with plenty of fun gadgets and upgrades which make your brewing experience much more rewarding. 

A bottomless portafilter is a great example of one of those toys. Some people are still left scratching their heads when they hear the term bottomless, or naked portafilter. What exactly is this mysterious tool and why is it walking around in the nude?

5 Reasons why we highly recommend getting yourself one whether you're new to the game, or have been brewing espresso your entire life:

1. Consistency in your shots
2. Less heat loss from the portafilter to the cup
3. More crema
4. Better tasting shots
5. Great learning tool

In regards to #5 on our list a bottomless will show you exactly what you're doing wrong (or right)! Whether your grind is slightly off, you're tamping too hard on one side, or your beans are a little too fresh. By exposing the base of the insert basket any of those imperfections that were once hidden beneath a spouted portafilter will now be visible. 

Although somewhat frustrating and messy at first, you will find yourself becoming obsessed with perfecting your technique... which isn't necessarily a bad thing! 

Just try to remember one thing. If you're happy with how your cappuccinos, lattes or espresso shots taste, than you're doing a good job! 

Bottomless Portafilter on the La Marzocco Linea Mini 


Bottomless Portafilter using a 10 gram Precision Insert Basket

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Keep Your Coffee Fresh Longer

Article Written By:
MacKenzie Nachtrieb

Whether you're a coffee aficionado or a novice, you most likely understand how important it is to use FRESH coffee in all forms of brewing - espresso, drip, iced, etc. But not everyone knows exactly HOW to keep their coffee freshest. 

As soon as the coffee beans are exposed to oxygen they immediately start to breakdown, and oil residue will start to compromise the flavor of your coffee. Ground coffee goes bad even quicker, so DO NOT grind your beans until you're ready to use them! 

Things to keep in mind: 
1. Decrease air movement
2. Limit temperature fluctuations
3. Avoid exposure to light. 

We are now selling these Airscape canisters which, as the diagram shows, force air out and lock in freshness! 

They are available in small (32 oz.), large (64 oz.) and black or stainless! 

This item is suitable for not only coffee but all sorts of food like tea, flour, sugar, cereal, spices, walnuts, fresh fruit and even pet food! 

The inner lid is equipped with a special valve, which forces air out of the canister and thus creating an airtight environment.

- Restaurant grade 18/8 stainless steel with enamel paint finish
- Durable construction 
- Order & taste resistant
- BPA free
- Non toxic
- Hand wash recommended 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Custom Wood Panels for Your La Spaziale

Article Written by:
MacKenzie Nachtrieb

wood panels

Image shown is a Dream T with Sapele panels in a satin finish. 

When the whole wood phenomenon came about a few years back we were not really interested in adding another inventory item to our long list of products. However, as time went on our curiosity grew...and by that I mean I harassed my father (Chris) about it every day until he finally cracked. I knew how popular the idea of wood detailing was, and I knew we were missing out by limiting ourselves.

So one day Chris picked up the phone and called Alan, a longtime buddy of his that he knew from (surprise, surprise) Shaker Ridge Country Club where he is a long standing member.  

It took a little longer than we hoped to get the panels perfect, but as they say "Rome wasn't built in a day". 

The final product is as close to perfect as you can possibly imagine. What sets our panels apart from others is the unique and beautiful wood grains in each of them. The unusual wood patterns that are brought to the forefront of each panel makes each one a work of art! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so sit back, grab a cup of coffee and behold.

A little bit about our brilliant craftsman Alan, aka 
"Ward of the Wood"

Alan has been a creative force in the woodworking business for 40+ years now. Alan is an upbeat, positive, fun loving spitfire who loves to make people laugh and loves to savor his clients reactions to his amazing wood working creations. Alan is a local craftsman in the Albany, NY area and we have teamed up with him to create the ultimate luxury item for our home and professional baristas.  

Alan regards wood selection as a key component in his craft. He loves the varying grains of different woods and sees 'eyes' that look out at him as another fun way of identifying his pieces.

The various available wood selections are comparable to our range of coffee varieties! Alan describes his Sapele wood as dancing with 'internal fire' and we compare that to our Golden Gate Java beans. Next is Walnut wood panels that are rich and dark similar to our Northwest Dark Roast. The Mahogany panels are lighter with variations in color over time and mirror our Black Pearl Espresso! Finally, Cherry wood panels have a silky and smooth grain and texture and our Nicaraguan coffee follows those characteristics in a cup of coffee.

Give me a call or email if you'd like more information on any of our espresso machines with designer wood panels, or any of our gourmet coffee selections!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Introducing the NEW Quick Mill Anita Evo!

Built exclusively for Chris' Coffee Service 
Post by: MacKenzie Nachtrieb

MAP Price $1,695

We have been carrying the Quick Mill Anita machine for just about 10 years now, and during the recent 'Evolution' the Anita Evo was born! We have been very happy with the features and functionality of the original Anita for so long that most of the upgrades made are cosmetic. The Anita Evo is a compact, commercial grade espresso machine with steam power that will not quit. It really is the perfect machine for anyone looking to up their espresso game at home.  

With it's beautiful and timeless E61 group, large steam boiler, and fantastic fit and finish it's hard to find anything wrong with this machine. The Anita Evo will deliver a rich, creamy shot of espresso time and time again. 

External Changes:
-       New outer shell
-       Non compression steam and hot water valves
-       No burn steam arm and hot water wand
-       More discrete placement of logo
-       New placement of pressure gauges
-       New placement of on/off switch and indicator lights
-    New style drip tray with 50 + oz. capacity
-    New 2 Hole Steam Tip

Internal Changes:
-       Pulsar, which helps cut back noise from vibratory pump
-       Tube from expansion valve now releases into drip tray

 NOTE - All of our Quick Mills now have a boiler drain with an access port from the bottom of the machine.

Included with Anita Evo:
Back flush disk
1 Single spout portafilter with insert basket
1 Double spout portafilter with insert basket 
$75 Gift Card - Our gift to you! 

Suggested Items To Purchase With The Machine:

1. E61 Precision Bottomless  (Blog post coming soon on the advantages of using a bottomless)

Take $100 off by using coupon code QM100